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Welcome prospective tenants home.

Intouch Insight's mystery shopping services evaluate the implementation of service standards by auditing your leasing process. Through our programs, we provide valuable insights so you can deliver an experience that makes prospective tenants want to call your property home.



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40+ years of CX mastery

We take pride in partnering with well-known property management firms in North America, to measure brand service standards and improve tenant experiences.

Listening from all angles

Our solutions seamlessly integrate NPS® and CSAT surveys as well as operational audits and inspections with mystery shopping data to give you a complete picture.

Technology-powered Solution

We are the most technologically advanced mystery shopping provider, helping you listen, interpret and act on insights through our scalable CX solutions.

Multi-unit First

Harness the power of Intouch Insight’s enterprise-level mystery shopping solutions designed specifically for firms with large unit inventories.

On-time Completion Rate

With a vast network of shoppers, Intouch Insight offers the most promising on-time completion rate in the industry.

Multi-channel Monitoring

Our teams are adept at designing cross-channel programs that ensure you deliver on your brand promise across all customer touchpoints. 


Make room for growth.

Imagine the joy on your tenants' faces, the enthusiasm in their voices, and the unwavering loyalty that comes from feeling genuinely valued. Create an extraordinary experience where tenants are delighted, satisfied, and don’t give a second thought to moving when it comes time to renew their lease.

At Intouch Insight, we understand the impact of exceptional tenant experiences on the bottomline. That's why we're here to help you unlock invaluable insights that will take your tenant experience to new heights. 

Increase Lease Renewals

Consistently meet tenant expectations to significantly boost lease renewal rates and maintain a high occupancy rate.

Gain Referrals

Tap into the power of positive word-of-mouth marketing by creating memorable experiences that encourage tenant referrals.

Build Reputation

Exceptional service, well-maintained properties, and a waitlist of tenants are indicators of a stellar reputation. Build yours using actionable insights.

Improve Customer Service

Thoroughly identify strengths and weaknesses in your customer service processes and proactively address operational gaps.

Address Training Gaps

Enhance staff performance and knowledge through tailored training programs based on insights from mystery shopping.

Assess Competitive Landscape

Gain a competitive edge by understanding how your property and customer service stack up against others in terms of tenant experience.


How mystery shopping creates memorable tenant experiences?

Tenants spend months conducting research to find a place they can truly call home. Intouch Insight partners with you to collect quantitative as well as qualitative data to improve the tenant experience.


Audit of Leasing Process

Your reputation is at stake when leasing consultants represent you in attracting and securing qualified tenants. If the leasing process isn't smooth, it can lead to lost tenants, financial consequences, and a tarnished reputation.

With Intouch Insight's mystery shopping program, we can help you measure the effectiveness of your leasing process so you can ensure you  always have a waitlist of prospective tenants. What we typically measure:

  • Adherence to SOPs               •  Application efficiency
  • Lease clarity & accuracy     •  Property tour bookings
  • Agent responsiveness          •  Move-in and move-out process

Make it easy for tenants →

leasing process

Compliance with Fair Housing Act

Creating a safe and inclusive environment for tenants and providing them with equal housing opportunities is the core objective of the Fair Housing Act. Our mystery shoppers engage with leasing consultants to assess their compliance with fair housing principles. This valuable information allows you to implement targeted training programs aimed at educating leasing consultants about fair housing regulations. What we typically evaluate:

  • Do leasing agents offer equal treatment
  • Adherance to fair housing guidelines
  • Avoidance of discriminatory statements

Be compliant, stay safe →

being compliant with the Fair Housing Act

Surveying current tenants

Every tenant or buyer notices the gap between promises and reality. It's vital to listen to their concerns after they move in, when they become familiar with facilities and amenities, and when they raise specific issues. By consolidating data from programs like CSAT and NPS surveys, operational inspections, and mystery shopping, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of the tenant experience.

Feedback you can collect with customer feedback surveys:
  • Satisfaction with the experience

  • Likelihood to recommend

  • Effectiveness of issue resolution

Listen to your current tenants →

survey tenants

Property Appearance & Unit Condition

People want to live in a space that enhances their quality of life. That's why the visual appeal, condition of a property, and available amenities are such important factors for tenants to consider. Our mystery shopping programs help you to determine if the  overall living experience you are delivering is meeting tenants needs.

What our mystery shopping programs typically assess:

  • Overall property appearance
  • Cleanliness and maintenance of units
  • Amenities such as gyms and swimming pools
  • Convenience & comfort

Keep it in good shape →

property maintenance

Get up to speed with the latest consumer insights!

Stay tuned with the latest happenings in the restaurant, QSR & FSR industry.


Want to find out how your brand measures up?

Secure your spot for next year’s Drive-thru study! Book by December 15, 2022, to secure a 10% discount on the package price.
Full package price is $9,995.

Your Brand Data

150 Mystery Shops conducted on your locations. Price includes all shopper fees and food reimbursements.

Complete Research Package

Access your results alongside the 10 benchmark brands. Raw data files included.

Custom Reporting

Your portal comes pre-loaded with custom dashboards for your brand and a personal advisory call to review results.

Security and Safety Measures

Tenants deserve the peace of mind that comes from knowing they live in a safe and secure environment. Our mystery shopping program can help you evaluate whether tenants perceive your property as being on par with your competitors or not. These features can even allow tenants to qualify for insurance rebates.

What we typically measure:

  • Condition of theft and alarm systems
  • Presence of security personnel
  • Surveillance systems in use at competitor properties

Give them a safe and secure environment →

security measures

Local Competitive Landscape

When prospective tennants are looking for a new rental unit, it’s unlikely that they will visit only your property. WIth Intouch Insight’s competitive mystery shopping solutions, we can help you understand how your units compare to those nearby, and can help you make critical decisions around where to make investments that will have the biggest impact on improving your competitiveness. 
What is usually evaluated:

  • Pricing            •  Condition of property
  • Amenities     •  Leasing processes

See how you measure against them →

local competition

Enhance tenant experience at every touchpoint. 

Today’s customer interactions are complex. To guarantee a smooth and satisfying tenant experience, property management firms must view their approach through the tenant's lens and assess every touchpoint along the way.

onsite mystery shopping

Onsite Visits

No matter how many virtual tours someone watches, prospective tenants still want to see your property in person. In-person interactions allow you to truly connect, understand tenants' needs and preferences, and establish trust through exceptional customer service. With a mystery shopping program, you can effectively measure and assess the quality of, and adherence to your brand's service standards during these face-to-face interactions.

telephone mystery shopping

Telephone Evaluations

As the initial point of contact for prospective tenants, a phone call sets the tone for their entire experience. A mystery shopping program provides you with the ability to assess how your leasing consultants handle inquiries, provide information, demonstrate friendliness, and facilitate property tours with ease.

virtual mystery shopping

Online Interactions

The use of AI and chatbots is blurring the lines between human and automated responses, making it difficult for customers to discern who they are interacting with. Nowadays, tenants can book appointments and view apartments with 360-degree online tours, all without physically visiting the property. Which means, evaluating this touchpoint is crucial to ensure a seamless tenant experience. 


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