IntouchShop is the leading mystery shopping provider for multi-location businesses

Ensure your locations are consistently delivering your customer service and operating standards

Start improving performance today by:   

  • Designing reliable, custom mystery shopping programs that meet your business goals
  • Measuring staff performance to identify areas for improvement across your locations
Intouch Insight

Customize your program to align with your brand

Collect real-time data on performance

Our team is here to help you design and implement a mystery shopping program that aligns with your brand standards and achieves your business goals.

1. Design

2. Measure

Our workforce of nearly one million certified mystery shoppers visit your locations and completes assignments using a mobile app. This gives you rich data about performance in real-time.

3. Analyze

Easily gauge performance with visual analytics

Powerful role and location-level dashboards allow you to identify top and low performing locations, filter with ease, and identify trending issues so you can take action.

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Learn more about how IntouchShop ensures your locations are consistently deliver your brand standards

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“I would recommend Intouch to any business that is passionate about measuring customer service and making improvements.”

- National Director, Operations | Medicine Shoppe


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Never let another potential customer walk away dissatisfied from a poor customer experience.  

Start gaining insights today by:   

  • Identifying areas of the customer journey in need of focus   
  • Mobilizing all levels of your organization to take action   
  • Tracking the impact of CX activities on business outcomes

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Take action and wow more customers

4. Act and improve

Mystery shopping results reveal your brand's strengths and weaknesses. Use results to train teams to better adhere to your standards and consistently deliver exceptional experiences.

Happy customer

Customer experience

Customer experience mystery shops tell you if your teams are following your current service standards. 

Different types of mystery shopping

Competitor shops

Competitive mystery shops allow you to shop your competitors and compare where you stand.

Responsible sales

Responsible sales mystery shops help to ensure that your staff are selling alcohol and tobacco products safely and responsibly. 

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