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  • Drive action from  journey mapping
  • Involve your entire team in the process
  • Measure the customer experience at key moments that matter

Plus, two examples of how companies measure and improve CX at different touchpoints through journey map dashboards.

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Start driving action from your journey maps

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Never let another potential customer walk away dissatisfied from a poor customer experience.  

Start gaining insights today by:   

  • Identifying areas of the customer journey in need of focus   
  • Mobilizing all levels of your organization to take action   
  • Tracking the impact of CX activities on business outcomes
Jim Tincher

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Moments that Matter: Creating Actionable Customer Journey Maps

Special guest: 

Jim Tincher
Mapper-in-Chief, Heart of the Customer

With a lifelong passion for customer experience, Jim founded Heart of the Customer to help companies of all sizes increase customer engagement. Before launching the company, Jim led customer engagement initiatives at Best Buy and UnitedHealth Group.

Presented by Intouch Insight and special guest, Jim Tincher, from Heart of the Customer


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Journey mapping is a critical tool to better understand your customer and design better outcomes. CCW surveys show that over two-thirds of companies use journey mapping to improve their experience, and Aberdeen research shows that effective journey management can increase return on marketing investment by 10%, and revenue from customer referrals another 10%.

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