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Learn how Rutter's delivers a leading customer experience


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How Retailers Can Drive CX Excellence With Store-Level Execution

Jere Matthews
VP, Operations at Rutter's

As VP of Operations, Jere has led the Rutter’s team to an almost perfect score in the Intouch-CSP Customer Experience Mystery Shop Study.

Jere has been with Rutter's for over 40 years, holding various roles responsible for food service operations and food safety.

Learn how one of America's favorite convenience stores delivers on their brand promise


Jere Matthews

2018 Intouch-CSP 
Customer Experience Award Winner

With special guest:

Rutter's, a family-owned and operated convenience store chain, has been recognized as the winner of the Intouch-CSP Customer Experience Award, edging out nine of the industry's biggest names for the second consecutive year.

Rutter's offers customers a variety of fresh, locally-sourced produce, and even local wines at various Rutter’s locations — virtually redefining the traditional convenience store experience.

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