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      “Extremely user-friendly and really powerful!”
      Marketing Manager, Smalley

      Customers are happy when you deliver a great experience 

      Choose a survey platform that makes it easy to listen to customers' needs, interpret the data, and take actions that lead to a better experience.


      Collect and combine experience data from any channel


      Identify areas of the customer journey in need of focus


      Take action and measure the direct impact on ROI


      Track and compare performance at all of your locations

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      Powerful, flexible self-serve platform

      White labeling
      Personalize survey content
      Custom survey domains
      Targeted surveys
      Survey completion reminders
      Survey fatigue protection
      Mobile friendly design
      Video & audio surveys

      Distribution triggers
      Modern themes
      Variety of question types
      Skip logic & answer piping
      Drag & drop builder
      Survey in over 40 languages
      Custom design (no coding needed)
      Smart prompt technology


      What our customers are saying...

      “The Intouch platform helps us to take measurable actions that allow us to better achieve our business goals.”
      "It's user-friendly, easy to use and simply amazing!"
      “The entire Intouch team is so supportive and always very prompt replying to our queries. Couldn't be happier!”
      Jade Fine Foods