IntouchShop, the leading mystery shopping provider for cannabis compliance programs

Ensure your locations are consistently delivering on your sales and service standards and enforcing age verification.

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Customize your program to align with laws and bylaws

Collect real-time data on employee conduct

Our team is here to help you create and implement a mystery shopping program that aligns with your brand standards and adheres to cannabis distribution laws.



Our workforce of nearly one million certified mystery shoppers complete assignments to measure how staff are adhering to your cannabis compliance program. This gives you rich data about performance at your stores in real-time.


Quickly gauge performance with visual analytics

Powerful role and location-level dashboards allow you to identify top and low performing stores, filter with ease, and identify trending issues that require action.

Mystery shopping dashboard
Mystery shopping report
Nearby mystery shops available to complete

Learn how IntouchShop helps you understand the responsibilities retailers face and how to adhere to them

“We like the consolidated dashboard. Seeing all the results - different dates, locations, and ranges, while being able to drill down as needed is very helpful.”

- CRM Marketing Manager | ABC Fine Wine & Spirits


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Act and improve

Take action to protect your brand and customers

Mystery shopping results reveal your brand's strengths and weaknesses. Use results to reward, or train teams to better adhere to your standards and comply with laws and bylaws in your area.

Mystery shopping dashboard
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