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The best customer experience platform is nearly here



Experience, meet innovation

Introducing LiaCX, an innovative new customer experience management software powered by Intouch Insight, launching May 2018.

The LiaCX platform makes it easy to prove the ROI of your CX efforts by intuitively prioritizing the activities that impact your business KPIs - all while driving sustainable change across your organization.



Whitepaper: Designing a World-Class CX Approach


Want to create a customer experience approach with maximum impact at your organization? Download our whitepaper to learn more about how you can get started.

Download the whitepaper



  • Kum&Go: Intouch Client
  • Cumberland Farms: Intouch Client
  • Orangetheory Fitness: Intouch Client
  • Suncor: Intouch Client
  • USAA: Intouch Client
  • Wawa: Intouch Client

Be one step ahead of your customer

Embrace all sources
Import and analyze data from any source to gain a deeper understanding of what your customers are trying to say, and what they need.


Interpret Icon

Connect drivers to metrics
Anticipate and prioritize customer experience problems and identify key drivers of delight and despair along the customer journey.
Act Icon

Respond to strategize
Identify and address trending issues, and take steps to proactively prevent future problems. Mobilize employees before issues emerge and track the impact of your CX efforts on KPIs

Catch us at these upcoming events:

CXPA Insight Exchange 2018


Come say hi! We'll be exhibiting and doing a Learning Lab presentation at the CXPA Insight Exchange May 8-9.

Forrester CX NYC 2018


Visit our booth and check out our breakout session at CX NYC June 19-20.

Outlook Leadership Conference 2018
Our CEO, Cameron Watt, will be presenting the CSP Customer Experience Award at Outlook Leadership August 21.