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    Looking back over the last 12 months for restaurants and food service

    In our latest edition of the Changes in Consumer Habits series targeting restaurant owners and operators, we dive into how expectations have changed over the last year.

    What's covered in the report:

    • What consumers expect from businesses
    • How their habits are solidifying
    • Where businesses can focus their efforts to drive the greatest impact

    Changes in Consumer Habits Restaurants 2021 | Intouch Insight




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    What's important to consumers?

    Over this past year quality of food and service have risen back to the top in terms of key aspects rated most important when making a decision to order prepared food, but the importance of cleanliness has remained steady.

    Changes in consumer habits restaurant_1 | Intouch Insight

    What provides comfort?

    When asked, "What aspects make you feel most comfortable", limiting the number of customers in store took first place as a key driver of comfort, and availability of disinfectant wipes / hand sanitizer came a very close second.

    Changes in consumer habits restaurant_2 | Intouch Insight


    Are they shopping local?

    In this latest survey, 25% of respondents say that they buy local more than before the pandemic.

    Changes in consumer habits restaurant_3 Intouch Insight

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    Download the full report to to learn what you can do to keep up with what consumers are looking for!

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