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IntouchCheck makes it easier to action problems.

Use on any device.

Eliminate time-consuming paper & Excel processes with
mobile audits, forms and checklists.

Build any form, audit and check for mobile with IntouchCheck. Make it easier to action problems faster.


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Build and share any custom mobile form for any industry.

Easy form builder for building your own mobile forms.

Easy to set permissions & access.

Send PDF reports and action emails instantly.

Real-time performance reports and action plans.

How easy is it to convert to IntouchCheck mobile forms?

Hear from companies who have tried.

"[IntouchCheck] is so simple to use. It took me four minutes to upload my checklist content. With [a competitor] it took three hours."

Leading Multi-National Fast-Food Chain

"[IntouchCheck] is really easy to use and didn't require much training."

EJ Pope & Sons - Handy Mart

"It's really easy to build/import checklists. I was able to import and configure three checklists in 30 minutes."

TBC Corporation


Complete forms on any device.

Instantly share reports with the right people.

Assign actions to team members. 

Fix issues before they become problems.

Questions? We've got answers.

Some FAQs. Still have questions? Contact us

What will happen when I sign up for a trial?

Right after you sign up, you will receive an automatic email with a link to schedule a 5-10 minute trial setup call with a product specialist. You can use the call to ask any questions you may have. Your product rep may ask you some questions about your organizational challenges to help you understand if IntouchCheck is a good fit for your goals. He'll then setup a longer customized demo on a timeline that works for you and your team.

Want to start using IntouchCheck RIGHT NOW?

We get it, we're excited too! However, we've found that people are more successful adopting and using IntouchCheck if they have the chance to ask questions, see a quick demo, and get to know their support rep before they start their trial. There may be tips and tricks for your unique situation that we can quickly help you with - to save you even more time overall. If you're really in a rush, reply to the email you get immediately after signing up to describe your timeline and any questions you have so you can expedite your trial setup.

What if I'm not ready for a trial and have some questions first?

No problem! You can sign up for a trial today and immediately receive an email from a product specialist, with whom you can share your questions. Your trial can start whenever makes sense for you (or not at all). You can also contact us with any questions or reach us at 1-800-263-2980.

Will IntouchCheck work on my device? 

You can access IntouchCheck from on any modern iOS, Android, Mac, BlackBerry & Windows device, with a modern browser. 

Can I download it on the app store? 

You do not need to download anything from the app store to use IntouchCheck. It's an HTML5 browser-based application that you can log in to at any time on any device at This means you do not have to manage employee downloads and can sync from your phone to your desktop and back.

Never pay per form.

We want you to be able to use IntouchCheck as much as possible. That's why we give you unlimited forms.

Sign up for a trial and ask your product specialist about high-volume pricing or call us today at 1-800-263-2980.


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Sign up for your free trial today & discuss any other questions you have. 

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Not ready for a trial yet?

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