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Audit the details with programs you can rely on.

Specialized & sophisticated programs.

Compliance, legislation, and health & safety impact brand and customer perception. Give them the attention they require with our specialized programs.

Custom programs to manage compliance.
Our most popular specialized programs include:

  • PDMA Compliance
  • FCRA Compliance
  • Educational Testing Audits
  • Brand & Merchandising
  • Operations, Inventory, Pricing
  • Health & Safety 

Trust in 30 years of data collection experience to deliver your best results.

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  • Work with our team to develop robust, custom audit programs
  • Collect your highest quality, unbiased feedback
  • Make data-driven business decisions
  • Add professional analyst services to drive value from your programs
  • Trust in our 30 years of experience

Audits, tools and program to meet your needs.
Work with our team to develop robust audit programs, and ensure our auditors are equipped with the correct measurement tools, surveys and directions so you're delivered with the most accurate, actionable data.


Set auditor certification and training requirements.
Ensure all your audits are done with accuracy and clarity by leveraging program standard auditor certifications, or working with our teams to create custom certifications for all auditors completing your audits.


Manage in real-time with in-depth reporting.
Always get an up-to-date picture of your audit results with Intouch's real-time reporting system. The in-depth, custom reports will help you manage results and drive performance.


Add professional analyst services to drive value from your programs.

Receive and review executive cusom reports, map and understand performance over time, uncover root causes of issues or behaviour, and identify opportunities for improvement.


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